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It is with a great deal of pleasure that this brief description of the origins and purposes of Congregationalism is produced.

The information is divided into several areas dealing with the historical foundations of Congregationalism and the attempt on the part of the members of a Congregational Christian Church to practically live out a shared heritage. May you find this information helpful as well as informative! Questions that will provide you with more information are always welcome.


Congregational Churches were first organized in England in the Sixteenth Century. The Church developed as a result of the perceived abuses of power in the State Church. The Separatists sought to reproduce a Church according to the New Testament model of simplicity and democracy. Separatists wanted to choose their own ministers rather than to be forced to accept the choice of the bishop. They wanted no elaborate garments or ritual. They wanted the earnest prayers of the people led by Christ, instead of set prayers chanted from the Book of Common Prayer. They declared themselves subject only to Christ and the covenants they would draw up in independent churches.

Congregationalists thus trace their heritage to the Separatist Movement in England and the settlers of Plymouth Colony. The important factor in the founding of Plymouth was the deeply held belief that a person should be able to worship God free from imposed outside regulation. It was maintained that liberated men and women would then be encouraged to develop their personal and congregational spiritual experience.

The UCCSA, A Church in five countries,
Is called and committed to be a caring and inclusive
Community that bears testimony to the
Fullness of life in Christ, and proclaims that in
Christ there is a future!

'We believe that...'
God is the source of all life
Jesus is Lord
The Holy Spirit is actively transforming the whole creation
The church is a community of believers, called upon the values of the gospel and the kingdom of God


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you for sowing the seeds towards the PLANTING SEEDS fundraising campaign. To date, the fund has reached R104 000. May God bless you and anoint your dreams.

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An opportunity has arisen for an Ordained Assistant-Minister at Randpark Ridge United Church, Bromhof, Randburg
(Congregational, Methodist, Presbyterian - CUC)

Our church is seeking a dynamic Assistant-Minister from early in 2017. We invite applications from Ordained Ministers who feel a sense of Call.

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