The UCCSA, A Church in five countries,
Is called and committed to be a caring and inclusive
Community that bears testimony to the
Fullness of life in Christ, and proclaims that in
Christ there is a future!

'We believe that...'
God is the source of all life
Jesus is Lord
The Holy Spirit is actively transforming the whole creation
The church is a community of believers, called upon the values of the gospel and the kingdom of God
We are a Christ-centred community of believers
God creates human kind to fellowship with God and one another.
We must acknowledge our diversity as a family
God creates all people equal and all have the right to fullness of life.
We are servants of transformation and we are called to unity
God creates us to work together for God’s purpose through the richness of our diversity
The Holy Spirit gives us a variety of gifts for the enrichment of God’s people
Everyone is called for a specific purpose in fulfilling God’s plan
God calls us and empowers us to fulfill God’s purposes
We are called to be faithful stewards
God, through God’s grace, continues to guide and enlighten the church.
There is a future.

'We commit ourselves to...'
Continuously proclaim the Lordship and the love of Christ Jesus in Church and Society
Be a welcoming, embracing, caring, and inclusive church, never to discriminate, ignore, reject, or undermine any person or group
Pursue the fullness of life given by Christ Jesus
To fight all forms and corruption within the church and society
Re-reading the Bible in the light of our experience and mission
Journeying together in the search for transformation of the systems that deny justice equality, and human rights.
Become what Gods want us to be.

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An opportunity has arisen for an Ordained Assistant-Minister at Randpark Ridge United Church, Bromhof, Randburg
(Congregational, Methodist, Presbyterian - CUC)

Our church is seeking a dynamic Assistant-Minister from early in 2017. We invite applications from Ordained Ministers who feel a sense of Call.

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