Giving is God's favorite subject. God demonstrated His love by giving Jesus Christ. It is one thing to give your best but giving your only is a higher level of sacrifice. When you give your best, there is something left, giving your only means you is left with nothing. God was motivated by His love to give Jesus! God gave Jesus so that we may not die but have eternal life.


  1. Give to God, Gift of Self. A relationship is established when one gives his life to Christ. It's an exchange. We give our lives to the Lord and the Lord gives His life for our lives. John 3: 16
  2. Give to God's House. This is giving for the extension of God's Kingdom. Hagai 1:5-11, this is in the form of Tithes, love Offering, Pledges and so on.
  3. Giving to people! This considers the wellbeing of others especially the needy. Even in Israel, God recommended that the poor and foreigners must be cared for. Proverbs 19:17.
  4. Giving to the servant of God (priest). The workers of the Gospel also need to be blessed and appreciated. The widow was collecting wood to prepare for herself and her son! Elijah came and said before you do it for your household, serve me first. 1 Kings 17: 8-16!

In the next few weeks we shall be explaining what each of these offerings mean and how they need to be applied in our context.

Giving is not an option; it is a choice that one makes. It is a divine requirement. Public giving is not to impress people but to inspire others to give as well.

Give and it will be given back to you, Luke 6: 38!

Prepared by: Nkosi Khanyile

Information coming soon...

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