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The South Africa Synod Women’s Fellowship (SAWF) of the UCCSA is an organisation within the Women’s Ministry of the Synod Mission Council and is accountable to the South Africa Synod Mission Council (SAMC) and the UCCSA Mission Council through the Denominational Women’s Committee (DWC).  Membership is spread over the 11 Regions within the South Africa Synod.

Women continue to play a significant role in the God’s Mission and seek to strengthen women in the Christian Faith and in the proclamation of the Kingdom of God to His people by engaging themselves practically with the weak and the suffering.

The objectives of the Synod Women’s Fellowship are:

a)        To develop and strengthen the spiritual life of the women in the Church through evangelism programmes;

b)        To act as a liaison body to all matters affecting the work of women of the UCCSA;

c)        To plan programmes with all women in the Church and Community;

d)        To promote Christian living within the families at community at large;

e)        To empower and develop women to become leaders in the Church and Community;

f)         To promote understanding between all women of the UCCSA and women of other Denominations;

g)        To assist women to acquire knowledge and develop their skills;

h)        To strive towards gender equality at all times.


1.1       Denominational Women’s Committee (DWC) is consisting of the UCCSA DWC Officers and the representatives (President and Secretary) from the five respective Synods, i.e. Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

1.2       SA Synod Women’s Fellowship (SAWF) is consisting of the Synod WF Officers and the representatives from the eleven Regions.

1.3       Regional Women’s Fellowship (RWF) is consisting of the Regional WF Officers as elected at their AGM and women from all the local church Women’s Fellowships.

1.4       Local Church Women’s fellowship (LCWF) is consisting of women from the Local Church that are members of the WF.

1.5       The South Africa Synod consists of the following 11 regions:

1.5.1          Algoa

1.5.2          Central

1.5.3          Free State

1.5.4          Gordonia

1.5.5          Karoo

1.5.6          Kei

1.5.7          KwaZulu-Natal

1.5.8          North West

1.5.9          Outeniqua

1.5.10       Peninsula

1.5.11       Teemane


2.1       The officers of the SA Synod Women’s Fellowship:

i)        Officers are elected for a two-year term of office.

ii)      The following Officers (the President, Secretary and Treasurer) appointed, are located in respective Regions on a rotating basis using the bottom-up method (in reverse alphabetical rotation).

iii)     The President-Elect will be appointed by the Region which will take over the leadership during the following term of office.

iv)     The President and Secretary will be those representing the Region on Executive and Consultation meetings of the SAWF prior to their appointment.

v)      The respective Region will appoint other persons to represent their Region.

2.1.1          The President

The President presides over the Consultation and Executive Committee meetings and is also responsible for the following:

a)      Outlines vision for her term of office in line with God’s Mission and vision of the UCCSA and give leadership to the women with regard to the rolling out of this vision;

b)      Represent the SAWF at the meetings of the Synod Mission Council, the Synodical Committee and Synod Conference;

c)      The President is representing the SAWF at the:

i)       Synodical Committee meetings – twice a year,

ii)      Synod Mission Council meetings – at least twice a year.

d)      Submits reports of the SAWF at meetings in (b);

e)      Present Women’s Gift to the Synodical Committee or Conference on behalf of the SAWF.

2.1.2          The President-Elect

The President-Elect holds office for a period of two years and assumes the office of the President when the term of office of the President expires.

2.1.3          The Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for the general administration of the Women’s Fellowship and acts as convenor and secretary for the Consultation and Executive Committee Meetings and is also responsible for the following:                                 

a)          To coordinate all Executive and Consultation meetings.

b)         Draw up Agenda for meetings in consultation with the President of the SAWF;

c)          Keep accurate minutes of all meetings and circulate it to all Regions within 30 days of such event;

d)         Liaise with the Synod Office re finances;

e)          Ensure that the venue for the Executive meeting or Consultation is identified and booked at least 3months before the event;

f)          Arrange transport for the SAWF Officers to all meetings;

g)          Receive submitted proposals and reports;

h)         Give written notice of intended review of SAWF Guidelines at least two months before Consultation.

2.1.4          The Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for the general supervision of the finances of the Women’s Fellowship.  The Treasurer presents regular Income and Expenditure Statements to the Fellowship and its Consultation/Executive Committee Meetings and presents annual audited Balance Sheet, Income and Expenditure Statements to the Consultation in October.

In addition to the above, the Treasurer will also be responsible for:

a)          Received and receipt all the money from the Regions and other contributors on behalf of the SAWF;

b)          Signs all the official transactions with the SAWF President and Secretary;

c)          Receive monthly Operating Statements from the SA Synod Office with regard to the bank account of the SAWF and share that with the Regional WF’s on a monthly basis.

2.1.5          The Immediate Past-President is responsible to journey with the incumbent President to ensure a smooth handover of WF matters. The most recent Past-President acts as Chairperson in the absence of the President at her request or in the event that the President is unable to carry out her duties.

2.1.6          The Minute Secretary will be appointed at each meeting for that particular meeting.

2.1.7          Additional members (non-officials) from the same Region as the Officers may be co-opted to assist as Planning Committee members.

2.2       Election of SA Synod Officers

2.2.1          The SA Synod officers are appointed per Region.

2.2.2          The roster is as follows:

Teemane........................... Oct 2001   –        Oct 2003


Outeniqua......................... Oct 2003   –        Oct 2005

KwaZulu-Natal................ Oct 2005   –        Oct 2007

Kei.................................... Oct 2007   –        Oct 2009

Karoo............................... Oct 2009   –        Oct 2011

Gordonia.......................... Oct 2012   –        Oct 2014

Free State....................... Oct 2014   –        Oct 2016

Central.............................. Oct 2016   –        Oct 2018

Algoa................................ Oct 2018   –        Oct 2020

North West...................... Oct 2020   –        Oct 2022

Peninsula.......................... Oct 2022   -         Oct 2024


3.1       The President and Secretary represent the SAWF on meetings of the DWC, at least once a year in February, as well as other events that comes up.

3.2       The President and Secretary represent the SAWF at the UCCSA Assembly every second year (on request of the UCCSA and the cost will be carried by the SAWF).

3.3       The President and Secretary represent the SAWF at the Synod Conference every second year (on request of the SA Synod and the cost will be carried by the SAWF).

3.4       The President and Secretary represent the SAWF on request of Regions, at the cost of the Region giving the invitation.

3.5       To arrange a bi-annual WF Conference for ALL WOMEN in the church according to a top to bottom structure (in alphabetical order).

3.6       To guide the Fellowship and act on decisions made.

3.7       To submit reports of all meetings/events attended on behalf of the WF – to Executive or Consultation.

3.8       All reports and minutes of business discussions and decisions to be made available to Regions within 30 days after the meeting or after induction of Officers.


4.1       This consists of all Regional Presidents (11) together with the officers of the SA Synod Women’s Fellowship (4), who are member’s ex-officio, as well as the Secretary-Elect (1).

4.2       The Executive Committee will meet in March of each year.

4.3       It transacts the business and fulfils the objectives and functions of the Consultation when the Consultation is not in session.

4.4       The Executive Committee introduce the theme for the Women’s Fellowship to ensure that it is in line with the theme of the UCCSA.

4.5       The transport cost for Regional Presidents to Executive will be shared on a 50/50 basis between the Region and Synod.

5.          CONSULTATION

5.1       Consultation takes place annually during the third weekend of October in the Region of the incumbent Officers.

5.2       Regions will be represented by the Regional President and Secretary together with 1 or 2 other ladies.

5.3       Only Regional Presidents and Secretaries will have voting rights.

5.4       Each delegate should pay a registration fee to help cover the costs for the Consultation. This will be determined by the Executive Committee in March.

5.5       The following reports should reach the office of the Secretary by the end of August of each year:

i)        Report of the President;

ii)      Report of the Secretary;

iii)     Audited Financial Report – provided by the SA Synod Office;

iv)     Operating Financial Report – January to September – provided by the SA Synod Office;

v)      Regional Reports

vi)     Matters from Synod – Synod Mission Council and Synodical Committee meeting

vii)   Matters from UCCSA – February Consultation.

5.6       The Consultation should receive the audited Financial Statement of the SAWF for the previous year as well as the Operating Statements of finances for the ensuing year from January till September of that year.

5.7       The Consultation should include devotions by respective Regional WF’s and a programme of spiritual enrichment and training.

5.8       Small practical gifts are to be exchanged between the delegates from each Region.

5.9       Provide Assessment Forms to delegates to complete and return – to enable the leadership to determine the needs of the women.


A bi-annually Women’s Conference will be held in alphabetical order (top to bottom). The main focus of this conference should be:

6.1       To create the opportunity for a broader base of Women Fellowships to meet, to share experiences, to have fellowship with each other and develop lasting relationships.

6.2       Regions will be represented by delegates from both members of the Women’s Fellowship and any other women.

6.3       The programme should include Speakers to motivate and empower women.

6.4       The programme should create an environment whereby women that do not belong to the WF will be encouraged to join the WF.

6.5       …………………….

6.6       Conferences will be as follows:

i)               2012       Algoa

ii)             2014       Teemane

iii)            2016       Central

iv)            2018       Gordonia

v)             2020       Karoo

vi)            2022       Kei

vii)          2024       KwaZulu-Natal

viii)         2026       North West

ix)            2028       Outeniqua

x)              2030       Peninsula


7.1       The SA Synod WF should request regularly that the Synod Conference allows a slot where the Women can meet separately and deal with women issues.

7.2       All Regional WF should negotiate at least a seat on the Regional delegation to attend the Synod Conference.

8.          TRAINING

Leadership training should be an on-going concern for the SAWF both on Synod and Regional levels.

9.          DRESS CODE

All Synod events, such as Opening and Closing Services of Conference and Consultations, women must wear their black and white attire.

10.       TWINNING
Each region will have a twin Region for the duration of two years and decisions on twinning will be done at the meeting where new Officers take over. The focus of twinning should be:

10.1    To create opportunities to share and support each other in prayer and in presence;

10.2    To create opportunities to visit each other to experience the context in which ministry is taking place.


Denominational Officers from the SA Synod WF will be elected as follows:

11.1    The Denominational President and Secretary will be nominated by the Regional WF’s on the basis of skills and experience with the aim of giving guidance and leadership to the different Synods.

11.2    The two persons can be from the same Region or from different Regions.

11.3    Nominations should be tabled at the Synod Women’s Fellowship Consultation or Executive in writing with the consent of the nominee. Failing to comply will disqualify the nominee immediately.

11.4    Nomination Forms will be provided by the SAWF Secretary for this purpose at least six months prior to the deadline.

11.5    Nominees should have been in such position on Regional and or Synod level.

12.       FINANCE

The banking details for the SA Synod Women’s Fellowship is:

Account Name: SA Synod Women's Fellowship
Account No: 62476754934
Bank: FNB
Branch: Boom Street (Branch Code 22-13-25)
Ref: What is the payment for ?

12.1       Each RWF is responsible to raise funds towards the Women’s Gift and should not be less than R3000.00 per Region per year.

12.2       These funds are to be paid into the SAWF account as per the above details.

12.3       Special attention should be given to the Reference which should indicate the name  “Women-Region” to show from where the funds are transferred.

12.4       A copy of the deposit slip must be faxed to the SA Synod WF Secretary/Treasurer for reference purposes.

12.5       All Regional Women’s Gift monies to be paid in before the end May of each year to ensure that the Women’s Gift can be presented to the July Synod Conference or Synodical Committee meeting and to get recognition at those structures.

12.6       All funds received will be deposited in the SAWF’s bank account.

12.7       All payments will be made from the SAWF’s bank account via the SA Synod Office.

12.8       The breakdown of how the Women’s Gift will be utilized are as follows:

a)      To the SA Synod re Training and development of Synod Ministers;

b)      To the UCCSA re UCCSA Widows Pension fund.

c)      To the UCCSA re the Synod WF contribution to work of the DWC.

d)      Synod Women’s Fellowship operating expenses.

12.9       The SAWF will review the distribution of the funds from time to time.

12.10    Synod will be responsible for expenses of the SAWF Officers while they represent the SAWF which will include the following which will be reviewed annually at the October Consultation:

i)        Travelling AA-rate,

ii)      Pocket money R80 per day,

iii)     Accommodation within reasonable limits.

12.11        SAWF Officers are encouraged to negotiate the possibility of travelling with their Regional delegation to Synodical Committee meetings, Synod Conferences and UCCSA Assemblies to minimize cost.

12.12        Where a Region or Local Church invites any Synod Officer to visit or attend any special gathering or activity within that Region, the Region or the local church concerned will be responsible for travel costs.

12.13        The SAWF Officers are required to submit monthly financial reports to the Regional WF’s.

12.14        The SAWF Officers are required to submit a draft budget for the following year at the October Consultation of each year for consideration.

12.15        The SAWF Officers should negotiate with the Local Churches where a Synod Women’s Fellowship worship service takes place to allocate that day’s offertory to the SAWF.

12.16        Such offertories are to be deposited directly into the SA Synod WF bank account.

12.17        The Denominational Officers may be invited to attend SAWF meetings. The SAWF will be responsible for their travelling and accommodation costs.

13.       VISION

Proverbs 29: 18

“Without vision people run wild, but blessed are those who follow His blessings.”

13.1    The SAWF is responsible for formulating goals and objectives for an ensuing year according to God’s Mission whereby women are called to serve through the vision adopted at the SAWC Meeting in October 2002.

13.2    This Vision is as follows: That God will empower us to identify needs, by giving us the wisdom to judge and supply the courage and means to act. This can be achieved if:

i)              Women are spirit driven.

ii)            Women will take a leading role in bringing about revival and renewal in our churches.

iii)          Speakers are invited to motivate women.

iv)            More women become involved in the activities of the SA Synod by means of rallies/conferences.

v)              Women are empowered to take up their rightful place in the church.

vi)            The vision to be reviewed every second year at the 1st WF Executive after the WF Conference.

vii)          The Women’s Fellowships are motivated to interact and partake in Women’s Ministry (programs, activities, etc.) without the WF losing its focus or identity.


14.1    Guidelines can only be reviewed at the Synod WF Consultation;

14.2    Regional WF may submit notice to review SAWF Guidelines three months prior to the Consultation to the SAWF Secretary;

14.3    The SAWF Secretary give notice of intended review in writing to the Regional WF Secretaries in not less than two months prior to the Consultation;

14.4    Two-thirds majority of those present at the Consultation are required to change the Guidelines.

Accepted on the ………………... day of October …………... at the Consultation

held in ………….…………………………….

…………………………………………                    ………………………………………..

PRESIDENT                                                              SECRETARY


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